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 GenderDesired YearDesired SeasonDesired LeagueDesired LevelDesired Age GroupFacilityDesired Metro AreaDesired Zip Code
Contact M2015SpringJunior BoysC-510 & UnderCHIMNEY LAKESE Cobb County 
Contact M2015SpringJunior BoysC-510 & Under Gwinnett County 
Contact M2015SpringJunior BoysC-512 & UnderCHIMNEY LAKESE Cobb County 
Contact M2015SpringJunior BoysC-512 & UnderBUNTEN ROAD PARKGwinnett County30096
Contact M2015SpringJunior BoysC-514 & UnderSPALDING CORNERS  
Contact M2015SpringJunior BoysC-514 & UnderFIELDSTONEN Fulton County30040
Contact F2015SpringJunior GirlsC-610 & UnderMEDLOCK BRIDGE - GROOMSBRIDGE ROADN Fulton County30022
Contact F2015SpringJunior GirlsC-514 & UnderFIELDSTONEN Fulton County30040
Contact F2015SpringJunior GirlsC-118 & UnderHARRISON T CE Cobb County30066
Contact F2015SpringJunior GirlsC-318 & UnderW P JONES PARKGwinnett County30096
Contact F2015WinterJunior GirlsB-614 & Under Cherokee County30115
Contact M2015SpringMenAA-1 DEKALB TENNIS CENTER  
Contact M2015SpringMenAA-4 CAMDEN POINTE  
Contact M2015SpringMenAA-4 INDIAN HILLS CCE Cobb County30068
Contact M2015SpringMenAA-4 BLACKBURN 30319
Contact M2015SpringMenA-2 CONCOURSE ATH CLUB  
Contact M2015SpringMenA-5 MEADOWGROVEE Cobb County30067
Contact M2015SpringMenA-7 PROVENCEForsyth County 
Contact M2015SpringMenA-7 LANSMOORE CLUB 30024
Contact M2015SpringMenA-7 BERKELEY WALKGwinnett County30096
Contact M2015SpringMenA-8 SWEETWATER T CS Cobb County 
Contact M2015SpringMenA-8 PERKERSON PARKS Fulton County30315
Contact M2015SpringMenA-8 TWIN CREEKS 30518
Contact M2015SpringMenB-1 RIVERMIST/GWINNETT  
Contact M2015SpringMenB-1 PROVIDENCEW Cobb County 
Contact M2015SpringMenB-1 INDEPENDENCE SQE Cobb County30062
Contact M2015SpringMenB-1 EAST HAMPTONE Cobb County30062
Contact M2015SpringMenB-2 EAST HAMPTONE Cobb County 
Contact M2015SpringMenB-2 EAST HAMPTONE Cobb County30062