ALTA Executive Committee - 2015

All ALTA vice presidents have phone extensions at the ALTA office, but do not work in the office on a regular basis. Voice messages are checked frequently and answered on a timely basis.

The phone number of your league coordinator is in your Schedule Packet. To call a member of the Executive Committee, call the ALTA office and dial the extension listed next to the officer's name.

ALTA Office: 770-399-5788


Larry Waters

Ext. 113
Marla Michalewicz
2015 1st Vice President

Ext. 114
Cassie Brown
Terry Godbold
Robert Fitzgerald
VP Men's League

Ext. 123
Kim Davies
VP Thursday Women's League

Ext. 121
Joyce Vance
VP Sunday Women's League

Ext. 122
Robert Jewett
VP Senior League

Ext. 128

Joan Parker
VP Mixed Doubles League

Ext. 124
Didi Chapdelaine
VP Junior Leagues

Ext. 125

Donna Gilli
VP Junior Challenge Ladder

Ext. 129
Joan Marcinko
VP Special Programs

Ext. 130
Laura Barnard
VP Media

Ext. 131
Sandy Depa
President's Appointee
Dorian Jefferson
ALTA President
Kathy Berthelette
ALTA President
Lynn Lee
ALTA Foundation Representative